Death Knight Mars

Honored Knight from a time of True Heros.


Dreadful and threatening, he’s always on guard. Thieves claim he brings the evening mists like a spider makes a web. Only to appear when a disturbance is found within the dense night fog.


Death Knight Mars is believed to be a founding member of the adventurers guild 400 years ago. Little is commonly known about his story but on a rare occasion a foolish party tries to defeat him. The few who live are broken and suffer from a horrible necrotic disease. Histories do not tell of any treasure worth such a powerful guard.

With a little study one may learn that he was known to have been a great hero. Long ago, he helped to take the island where the Tomb of Heroes stands from an evil black dragon. Many adventurers died in the battle and the tombs stand as a memorial. Mars died, not in battle but several weeks after, he suffered a horrible necrotic disease that rotted him alive. In agony in the last days, he swore to protect his fallen friends resting place.

Today, the whole island stands as a grave yard and memorial to all the fallen heroes. Its many gates are welcoming and open during the day but locked tight before nightfall. At night no one living guards the many tombs because some dead lay restless. The most restless one, the one who brings the mists, is Mars; the death knight.

Death Knight Mars

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