Lenord Leopole

Collector, Florist, Lich


Lenord may not sound or act like an undead monster hell bent on evil, most of the time he is not really. He spent centuries trying to wreak revenge, slaughter innocents and just be evil. In return, scores of adventurers just slaughtered him and stole his hoards.

Over time he just gave up on the whole “evil master” thing. Now, he spends most of his time working on his garden and cultivating the grandest flowers. He also collects, foolish adventurers.

Usually, adventurers wander in and fall for his traps. At that point they are mostly too wasted to work on. Rarely a brave group makes their way to him, which allows Lenord to work his art and preserve them just right.

He has a collection of adventures of various races and classes. His favorites are the ones who excel at a single skill or task and fail at all others. There are holes in it though, so at times he seeks out and lures adventurers. That is rarely necessary, he finds, because so many are lured simply by the temptation of his unique and wondrous treasures.

He grows the most beautiful flowers in all the realm.


Lenord Leopole

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