Queen Cidi

A devil with many, many mortal connections


Do Not Summon Queen Cidi

“Trust me friend, she is not one to make a fair trade.” Rolf raises what’s left of his right arm. A gnarled, misshapen horror is revealed underneath his sleeve. “I needed an edge in the games. She that to me, and with this…horror, I won.” He lowers and covers his arm. Sits for a moment, staring down his warm beer. “A whole 1000 gold.” A sick and sad laugh bubbles up from within his sunken chest. “Yup, I was the best swordsman in all of Nickle,” He glances back up with a wistful glare, “my hometown. I do miss that little farming village.” Rolf takes a breath and a long swig of beer. SLAM with the empty mug on the table he stands up. “Thanks for the drink.” He walks towards the door.

“If you’re hellbent I may as well show you how.” Rolf motions for you to follow him outside.


Those in need may summon Queen Cidi for a “reasonable” trade. She can provide almost anything you ask. In return she will take what she wants from you. She always gets what she wants from you.

Queen Cidi

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