Reha Maha

Infernal Pact Demon, 3rd Born Demon of the cosmos


At face value Reha Maha is slow, dull witted and thinks in terms of galactic time. To most, especially mortal, she seems easily fooled by clever word play. The truth is she always gathers everything she wants in the end. Many foolish warlocks are enslaved by Reha Maha today because the concept of galactic time was beyond their power hungry minds.

Reha Maha duties in the infernal realm are varied and highly complex. Many decisions are made, or were made, by her that drive the fires and cause the very wind to blow. Most of her time is spent in contemplation of the choices and resulting actions of the infernal realm, as well as many other across the world. Fortune tellers, power seekers and any other concerned with what time will bring are well off to ask Reha Maha. Few have that connection to her though and fewer still seek a pact with her.

Pacts are rare mostly because Reha Maha does not seek them out like others. She knows that many, over time, will come to her and fall to her. There are only a few books in existence that hold the ritual to her.

One of those books is The Spells of Alucard Vallu. Which currently resides in Alister Copperrock’s personal library.


Reha Maha

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