Seeha Toorha

A fallen God who lives in the hidden city of Killi


She will grant a Pack Boon with her most devote, or lucky, followers. It is similar to an Otherworldly pack and it will grant specific bonuses and powers. Seeha Toorha’s theme is based on Truth and seeing through illusion.

She may also allow specific powers to those who please Him. These could be temporary use of more powerful spells or even permanent boost to skills. Those who follow her Pack gain the boon of Time and access to all warlock abilities (regardless of restrictions other than level).

Boon of Time:
The illusion of time becomes obvious to you now. You feel each second like an army of tortoises marching to Verdun. You know the end of the tale before the bard has sung it. You smell the spilt blood of your foe before he thinks of doing you harm.
-You gain a new cantrip “Impatiens.” Allowing you to act regardless of initiatives. Since time is meaningless, sidestepping it seems easy to you now.
-You can expend a spell to gain the ability to take a number of turns, within your turn, equal to the spell level expended. A level two spell allows you to take two extra turns, for example. Outside of combat: you gain the insight of the outcome of a particular event (even if random) equal to the number of minutes X5 of the spell expended. These bonuses are also modified by your level: 5th is plus 1, 10th is plus 2, 15th is plus 3. Which means a 5th level warlock can expand a 2nd level spell slot and get 3 extra turns or 15 minutes of the future. This ability has a hard cap of 4 combat turns but no cap outside of combat.
-You gain the ability to see and hear the truth innately. Riddles are heard as the plain truth, mysterious runes are viewed in plain text, and there are no foreign languages to you.

As you gain more power in the service of Seeha Toorha, she’ll bestow more truth as a reward. Granting the knowledge and ability far beyond most people’s grasp. Be warned, Warlocks under Seeha Toorha rarely survive past a few years of loyal service in her name. Those that do, are never seen nor heard from again.


This God finds haven in the hellscape of the Volcanic Isles. It is rumored that He resides specifically within the city of Killi. Seeha Toorha only allows those it deems useful to find it’s shrine, there by finding her.

Seeha Toorha

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