Albatross Dungeoneers

Founded about 400 years ago by a legendary, all be it forgotten, band of adventurers. The current guild is little more then a enormous lodge with the best bar in all of Muhn. Inside the unimpressive building are all the necessities that a typical adventurer could need. There is a pathetic council that lives here, although, it is little more then retired and unsuccessful adventurers who stick around for meetings. Most policies passed serve to line the pockets of the city itself. When an adventurer is in need, and is paid up on his dues: a warm meal, comforting bed and healing may be provided at this or any other guild locations.

The Baron oversees the collections of all Warrants and approves payments. It’s not uncommon for him to personally assign warrants to squads. These are usually of questionable legality but they “never” break the laws of the land.

Gregor is a helpful old adventurer. He has stories and anecdotes that can go on all night long. He’s strict, during his shift, but off shift he’s the friendliest madman in the whole lot. He’ll handle your gear and loot at the main location. His hand picked sons and grandsons do the same at other locations around the world.


General Policies

  • All items may be sold to the buyer at each guild location. The guild will take a 25% fee from the total combined value of the loot.
  • A monthly due of 10 gold is required. If a member falls behind in dues of more then a year, membership is terminated.
  • Room, food and healing can be provided to all members. These services are at a market reduced rate. Free services may be provided to those in emergency situations.

Albatross Dungeoneers

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