Welcome Friend!

What We Want

If you are not enjoying your character how can every one else. It is most important to find a personality you, just you, want to explore. No judgement, no presumptions, no pressure. If you want to explore a flamboyant duel wielding dancer who can magically create butterflies then…you are an idea thief and deserve to die! You can do it, I’ll destroy you for stealing my character, but you can. Do not get wrapped up too much into the limitations of D&D characters. Find your character first then decide on the fighting style.

What We Need

Work with our friends to make a balanced team. Tactically, having a character from each archetype will help to make the team fight better. Socially, having the PC’s like each other will help the RP work. If you make a fighting centered team we’ll see more combat, more RP team then more acting. There will be horrible fights either way. Horrible horror filled fights.

What We Get

Level 1 with standard everything. If you want to put a little something special let me know. I want to see creative characters so I will allow changes outside of the standard fair. However, all exceptions come with trade offs.

What What…

The world is filled with magic, monsters, dragons, and forgotten lore. Mostly, non-mundane things are actually uncommon. The biggest dangers are still the common thug with his trusty-rusty short sword. In general the story will be based around the quests that the Baron tasks you, extraordinary occurrences that should be investigated and, ultimately, will lead you to…SPOILER DELETED…Create a character who might find himself going from hired merc to last savior of…SPOILER DELETED


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