Rule 1: Fun

Most of the time, dice will decide the outcome of things. Swing a sword, climb a wall, even bake a cake, roll dice. However, if you invent a great scene with your action then a bonus will be given. At times a success is guaranteed but a roll may be made for the unforeseen consequence of the action. If it is funny, enjoyable, entertaining, it will probably succeed.

“I teleport the clockwork bomb inside the zombies belly!” Roll 8 “You succeed but you have also teleported its rotten stomach into your hand.” puke

Rule 2: XP!

Everything is a learning experience so everything is rewarded with XP. Kill a hoard of lizard chickens; XP. Talk the king into rewarding you with a lordship instead of a small bounty; XP. Sharpen your sword; tiny xp. This is not meant to make the character leveling quicker nor make you keep printing out new sheets. It is more of a reflection of what I enjoy about modern RPG’s like the Bethesda games. In that, you are rewarded for your actions, even the small ones. Any ways, positive reinforcement is best.

Rule 3: Who are you?

Characters are every where. PC’s and NPC’s, and who says you can not play an NPC? WHO DAMMIT! If it makes sense that your PC is off chopping down the bushes around town to find hidden crystals while the party is talking to the queen then stay in the game by playing the queens hand maidens. Just speak up! Most NPC’s will not know much more about the plot then you and it is a great way to stay with the scene. Monsters may even be played by you during battle. If you feel board and not invested I will be happy to toss you one or more monsters to kill your comrades with.

Rule 4: Journals

Totally original idea of mine. Get this: Write up an in character journal after game and you will be rewarded with many prizes. What, you may ask? Well, it all depends on you. The game becomes a richer experience. Experience points are gained based on quality. Items of value may be created, or even original spells (F*ck the books). Basically, it will make it all better the more you write.

Rule 5: Death is not the end

The end, for your character, is up to you. If you tire of it, no big, we will give her a dramatic end and you can bring in your next. If the whole party dies; well that is a surprise for when we get there. If by all the rules and rolls your character dies before her time, we may bring her back with a twist.


Eternal Vacation RobertCRoach