Muhn Castle

Ruled by Baron von Badas, within the great kindom of Highlure. It’s renown for Albatross Dungenouneers greatly exceeds its notoriety for being vastly large, dangerous, and rotten with villains. The guild brings hope to the foolish mobs of people that dream of fame and wealth. Most of these misguided fools of society end up thieves, dregs, or dead.

Other than that it’s nice.


Background Option

Having lived here for some time you’ve been hardened by the life. Just telling others you’re from Muhn makes many people think twice about messing with you. You gain a bonus to intimidation and a favorable familiarity with finding sources for anything illegal.

On the other hand; you may have been one of those nobles who reside within the walls proper. You can still use the intimidation bonus but it will also apply to all social situations. You have also made some contacts to all major merchant guilds. Although, all classy parties never live up to those back home.

Muhn Castle

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