Set Up

1337755988737.jpgWelcome to the guild! Since you’ve proven standard proficiency in being an asset* we’ll provide you with the necessary tools of the trade. Granted, you’ll be placing the required deposit on these items.

Standard starting equipment for character classes and backgrounds. If you want to play a character from the area and have a background specific to the game world then you may get specific items or bonuses.

As new members of the guild you will be assigned mates. If you have a preference of partners, we may take that into consideration. Refer to either Quartermaster Gregor or the Warrant board, both in the bar, for new recruits.

I encourage you to work with everyone to make a team. However; this assignment system could help to fill in why you are compelled to adventure together and how new characters join the party. As well as all those other silly RP things that get in our way.

Now I’m sure you’re some special, good-ol’-boy bloody hero but here you’re just fresh meat. Hurry up and grab your gear and get going. You have a Task, don’t ’cha?

  • Each character should individually provide some way they proved themselves to the guild. This is a character building opportunity and I encourage you to create your own way you’ve been accepted into the guild. A few examples: Your family bought your way in, you beat a senior member in a drinking contest, or you are a hometown hero with some reputation.

Set Up

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