Realm of a Thousand Names



The central human kingdom. Wealthy, lively and aggressive, Highlure almost rules the neighboring kingdoms with a golden fist. The kingdom is ruled by three royal monarchs. Each one oversees a specific aspect of the kingdom. The unique system the young kingdom has seems to have, thus far, proven powerful. A simple explanation of the rule is as such: Queen Alice oversees the culture of the realm, CHA. King “Mad” Max, oversees the military of the realm, STR. King Julies oversees the magic of the realm, INT.

At first, this structure was thought to be impossible to work. Over time it proved to be a three sided assault against all their enemies. Wars on the battle field, in the hearts of the people and on the fabric of magic itself. No one, not even the Gods, could contain the growth of the nation.

Today, war on all fronts continue. Though fighting is mostly ended and the reach of most magical influence is near maximum known the culture is dangerous in the eyes of their enemies. The influential fashions, religious sights, wondrous monuments draw in peoples from around the known world and beyond.

Important Cities of Highlure

Muhn Castle


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