Ali Huma Ali

Minotaur kingdom capital city. The lands are a safe haven for monstrous beings seeking refuge, peace and acceptance. In these lands live some of the most feared military warrior families. War is commonplace throughout the land, however, most of the fighting leads to little more then broken limbs and bruised honor. Central government does not exist here but a council of tribal leaders oversee sudo governmental tasks

The island lacks great feats of architecture, which is in stark contrast to the other “civilized” lands. Most of the island is dense forests with a few tribal like villages. The city, Ali Huma Ali has the only port and only stone structures. Which are both ancient remains from a fallen human kingdom which once ruled there.

The island is occupied almost exclusively with monstrous creatures whom have left their homes for one reason or another. In “civilized” lands the isle is mysterious and mostly harsh rumors are spoken about it. However, it is spoken as a safe haven and a new hope amongst the “monstrous” tribes.

Those who live on the island and in the city of Ali Huma Ali have hard lives. They enjoy acceptance and freedom but many sell themselves to foreigners as men-at-arms and prestigious royal guards. It’s because of this that many families are broken and children are placed in orphanages, called Covens. Those that can make a life on the island typically choose to never again leave their new home.

Background Option
To be from this land you must be a monstrous race. All humanoids / civilized races left this kingdom long ago.
New to the island: You came to Ali Huma Ali seeking the freedom and acceptance only to find poverty and hardship. A visiting mercenary captain offered you an opportunity for enough gold to buy the home, freedom, and security you came seeking. You gain an ally with some renown. This ally can be called upon to help bail you out when being a monster lands you in the local dungeon. Also, the ally can assist with travel papers and other unique needs that occur when you’re “different.”
Grew up in Ali Huma Ali: You most likely grew up in either a Coven with other orphaned monsters or in a tribal like family. Spending a fair portion of your life fighting you’re tough. Really tough. You gain a bonus number of hit points equal to 1 level of your class.

Ali Huma Ali

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