Baron's Plan


After each completed quest the party has time to do anything else. It is approximately a week after but they can be later without too much trouble.


He knows that Lucifer has just quit and he sees it as a chance short cut to being a God. The problem is that even he does not know where to start or how to take it. The first clue he has is Alucards tome. Not the spell book but the other book which is hidden deep within the first tombs.

Baron tasks the party to seek out and retrieve Alucards Tome. He is under the uncertain impression that it is within his crypt, deep inside Tombs of out Heroes, on an island off the coast to the west.

They will have to find a route to the island. Then seek out the particular tomb among the thousand there. It is within the inner most gates and is one of the few that is guarded by Death Knight Mars.

Part 2

Now, with what seems to be the tome mentioned in Alucard’s spellbook, Baron needs it translated. Unfortunately, he knows time is running out and it will take too long for him to do it. Gwen, he believes, could do it faster then most men alive today. He tasks the adventurers to bring Gwen to a specified location where she may translate the book for him.

Far to the northwest, some where high above the Allure Mountains, is the Witch and her little cult. He does not have a specific location for them but is sure that the locals will have an idea of how to find her.

The first village, Marko, is under attack by undead. There are several ghosts in the church and more in the hotel. The people will help the party if they can destroy the ghosts. If no one dies they will even provide a generous reward.

Mountain Monsters

The top of the mountain, party finds the cave of the Witch. Inside the cultist may be hostile if the party is not careful. At the end of the twists and dead ends is the other side of the mountain and Gwen is waiting for them. She may fight if the party was hostile and brutal, otherwise she will avoid conflict.

Plan C

With the translation complete the Baron knows how to find a gate to Hell. Unfortunately for the adventures it seems to be hidden along with the city of Killi. He sends them off to find the temple of Dragul and retrieve the Stones of Alexander.

A very long ship voyage lies ahead, unless they are clever enough to find a way to fly there. To the distant north-west is the Volcano Islands. Only one captain will dare those waters, and he may be difficult to find. Other wise, once a week a teifling trade vessel comes and goes from the isles and makes deliveries. Mostly deliveries to the port city of Choalmare.

If the party chooses force: Sea Monsters, Dangerous waters and poison air awaits them. It is likely a death voyage unless they kill the beasts and make enough checks to keep the vessel afloat. Very difficult.

If the party chooses flight or finds the teifling traders: the journey will be a breeze. However, finding a flight or convincing the traders will be a tough challenge. Neither can be accomplished through force.

This city is on fire, or it is fire. While in the city the party is subject to a constant 5 fire damage due to the intense heat. The damage slowly raises as the come closer to the Steal Quarter. They must seek out either Dragul, with is to the south or Seeha Toorha, whom is north. Either one may provide the Stones. Both may be done without a fight but it is likely they will have to kill the opposite to gain the stones.

Section 4

Stones, tomes and victory close the Baron has one last retrieval for the group. He sends them to Hell, via the gate, where they must locate Raha Meha. He has no real information on the demons location but he knows that she is there. Once they find her they must retrieve an envelope. They will know it’s importance when they find it. However, it must not be opened!

Through the gate they will find themselves on the infernal plane. Before them lies a sea of lost souls and devils. They all seem lost, wandering about, confused. Farther ahead is a profane and grotesque gate that is closed.

Hint strongly to investigate Reha Maha. If none is done, plant clues on the defeated devils that they run across. Devils and ghosts will be fought on the journey to the manor of Reha Maha.

The Manor is empty but full of fine and wondrous pieces of art. They are not really paint on canvas but moments in beautiful time, stolen and locked away in each piece along with some tangible soul. They party is free to look about and take anything without immediate consequences. Upstairs, middle room, is a study with books from the past and future. On the desk lies an envelope, still sealed. It screams magic as it feels like a dream and whom ever holds it must fight to stay awake.

The End

Baron, defeated and angry, sends the party through the gate once more. This time they are sent to another realm and are tasked to retrieve a unique key. They are told to seek it inside the mansion. No other information is provided.

The Baron is very upset, not with the world coming to an end but because of his failure on the other side. The gate leads them to the dreaming…they will not be aware of it at first. It seems that the gate did not work but they find everyone gone. Eventually they discover all the mundane doors open up to different places, possibly some where they want to be.

If they can stay on task they will open the door to meet with Dream. If they want to steal they may find the key in a safe, locked, place. Either way, Dream will confront them as they try to leave. He will tell them that the Baron dreams of an eternal rule of his own design.

They awake with the key to Hell’s gate. Now they can either give it to the Baron, one may take up rule, they may all rule together or even lead the last of humanity to Hell. Even without the key they may pick the lock to Hell and lead the last of civilization to hell because of the world being so torn up and destroyed.

Baron's Plan

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