Cradle Forests

Within the Elvish Isle there is a dense forest that is sacred. It has no direct connection to any known God but it’s treated like hallowed lands. It has no protectors or shrines. You will not find any signs or elvish tour guides. No elvish lord claims ownership over the lands.

Many people have been lost while wandering into the forest. Some return months later, claiming to have only been away for a few hours. Others are never to be found again. It’s never implied that the forest is a dangerous place but those who know would never dare to enter the forest.


Background Option
Some who leave the forest are utterly unfamiliar with the world. Claiming to be from another weird world sometimes grabbed in odd clothing carrying powerful mechanical weapons. If you’re from a foreign world you may have entered this one through the Cradle Forest. The nearby towns are familiar with these otherworldly travelers.
Some elves from the nearby villages learned how to use the unique weapons the travelers. You’ve learned how to use and maintain black powdered guns and start the game with one.

Cradle Forests

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