Queen Alice's Plan

Gwen’s disappearance

Learning that Gwen has been taken, the Queen quickly learns that the group may have been the cause. Armed guards escort the party to Ulmar and are imprisoned. Eventually the Queen sees them personally, after intense interrogation. When she is satisfied with the answers the group is tasked to free Gwen and return her to Ulmar.

Rescuing Gwen can be tricky or very easy. Convincing the Baron to release her can be tricky. Convincing the guards is very difficult. An all out fight may kill lead the party to lose the Barons story line. Sneaking her out, without rousing the guards will likely be the easiest route.

Rescue Them

Dead has infested parts of Feyburg. Typically these affairs do not concern the Queen of Culture but Cousin Agatha is trapped there. The city is quarantined and any official action might be mistaken for a political maneuver. She needs the party to go there and save Agatha without incident.

Travel to Feyburg has the same basic challenges. Find a means of transport, time of travel and general relations. Depending on the timeline, things might still be calm enough for the party to easily buy travel, they can also request a ship from the Queen. Flight is more plausible, with the queens help. A dimensional door might be used if they can talk to King Julies.

Feyburg is in a state of chaos. The docks are destroyed, walls razed and buildings burning. There are devils and ghosts roaming the streets killing innocents. Some other heroes may be found trying to rescue people, extinguishing fires and fighting invading foes.

Agatha is fighting with the other mages on the walls of the innermost castle. She refuses to leave because there might be a chance to win the day. This is a problem because the enemies does not stop. The best that can be done is opening a dimensional door or make a run for the docks.

It will take all the mages left and hours of focusing to use a dimensional door. During that time an assault will take place that will challenge the party with the win condition of keeping enemies out of a 4×4 block at one end of the map. Prep work such as build obstacles and traps may take place.

Running for the docks will leave the survivors open for attacks. A series of fights, with a 4×4 block win condition, will take place. Each time innocents will be represented and may be vulnerable to attacks. Depending on the time the party comes to this choice will determine if the innocents have horses and are strong or if they are weak from hunger and can hardly move.

Devils at Titans Mountain

The recent infestation of devils have been a nuisance. Actually it has been nightmarish for most but just a bother for her. It has, however, arose a suspicion that Gwen has. Reports have come in that devils are gathering and performing profane rituals around Titan Mountain. Investigate, slay and put a permanent stop to what they are up to. There is more to that mountain then needs be known.

Common info is on the map details. Successful skill checks will allow the party to learn more:
The mountain is a sleeping titan. If awoken he will wreck havoc upon the lands once again.
There are profane rituals known that can awaken the beast. They can be slowed and stopped by slaying the casters around the mountain.
There is a ritual to stop the titan but it will require immense magical power.
Alzur once battled the beast and it was a great wizard who put it to sleep.

If the party is hasteful, they may stop the ritual by slaying all the devil casters.

If the party talks to King Julies they may learn that he knows that he must sacrifice himself to put the beast to rest. Although, the titan must be distracted while he casts this powerful spell.

They may seek out Alzur for help. Alzur is sour on the subject and comes of disinterested in speaking about it. However, he is eager to prove his worth once again by truely slaying the titan by himself. He will fail, unless his family knows, they will finish off the titan and kill it in Alzur’s name.

Frost giants will be unwelcoming to the idea of adventures trespassing on their island. Confrontation and ugly violence will happen if they are caught. Again: dimensional door, flight or boat may be used to see Alzur.

For Answers

The world is ending. Sieges are raging at every city as the dead, devils and demons wreck havoc. Leadership is left with questions but no answers. The party must travel to the Cradle Forest and seek out Ollum. Once they find him they must get the answers on what can be done. This is the last resort and possibly a suicide mission.

The Cradle Forest is closely connected to the Dreaming. With that the forest can never burn nor grow. It is a constant and a labyrinth. The challenges with in the forest comes from the party. What ever they are weak with is what they will find. After some time of travel, time is irrelevant here though, they will find Ollum. He is the constant sleeper and will likely not wake.

The party is purposely left unaware that Ollum does not wake. Any physical effort will be met with null effect. Magical effort is met with flashback. At best they will simply ask the questions out loud. Remember the 1st question that each one asks. Write the question down.

The next extended rest a response dream is played out for each party member individually. Best to be done alone. A comprehensive dream will give the answer to the specific question. If an extended rest occurs within the forest Dream may come to them. However, he will only come if one party member shows worthiness of being ruler of Hell.

Queen Alice's Plan

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