The city of Feyburg is well known for its artisan exports. Fine paintings, renown plays, and inspiring books come from here. The whole kingdom seems to be creatively empowered. Wealthy nobles pay top dollar for even the simplest musings done by children of Feyburg.

This capital city of the elvish kingdoms is the home of the High Council. All elven royals are brought here to rule their kingdoms united. Even today, as the nation is heated over a kind of civil-cold war. On the darker side, it is common knowledge, for the commoners, that Feyburg exports the highest grades of “potions” (of the illegal type). Also, a legitimate Feyburg assortment of ingredients are known to produce the maximum potential of any potion or ritual.


Background Option

Firstly, you can easily tell the diference between a real Feyburgien piece and a fraud. Items you craft are sold for a bonus equal to your CHA bonus.


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