Nicht Vergessen

All Gods Must Be Destroyed

Never Forget, Never Forgive

They are deeply rooted in all courts, in all kingdoms. They seek the most powerful artifacts, spells, and rituals. They have a single goal but a thousand ways to achieve it.

The cult has been around for over 100 years. Dragul Luther founded it after a small disagreement between two gods devastated his home, killed his family, and removed his kingdom from the maps. Over the decades it has gained renown for it’s charity but also earned infamy for their ruthlessness in obtaining powerful weapons.

Because of this seemingly chaotic activity most people distrust its members. They care little for common laws of the land and will at times go out of their way to profane shrines to the Gods. Yet, within the same cult, members are well respected officials in courts.

Background Option
As a member of the cult you gain the benefit of having a friend on the inside. Most people may dislike you, clerics outright hate you, but when brought before a court of law you’re likely to receive a pardon (of some kind).

Nicht Vergessen

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